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Rant Ahead – Reader Beware

I recently exited social media (except my blog page and occasionally to look at memories on my personal facebook page when I think I can handle it) because of negative people who thought it okay to post personal attacks.

Well guess what? I received my first personal attack from a WordPress member in my Spam folder last night. I was a bit taken aback, because it was truly the first in the six months that I’ve been blogging.

It was on the Holidays and Grief post and basically (but in significantly more words) the ‘person’ said that he shouldn’t have wasted his time reading and I should spend less time feeling sorry for myself.

Seriously? I wonder what is wrong with people that they feel that their negative, scathing opinions are necessary or wanted?

I sincerely hope that the tortured individual who took the time to write the scathing paragraph to me – someone he does not know, instead of just scrolling by, never has to experience grief firsthand. Although I am positive that everyone will at some point in his/her life.

So a message to mr. negative: “If I want your opinion, I will ask for it. Furthermore, if I seek opinions on how to grieve I will ensure that they are from educated professionals and not someone like yourself. If I want validation, I will seek out those who love me. There are plenty of people here, unlike yourself, who are supportive and uplifting. Perhaps you might want to think about choosing another platform to voice your negative opinions- or at least keep them to yourself. In plain words, (just in case you don’t understand) I don’t give a flying duck what you think.”

I deeply appreciate all my friends and followers and would never consider posting a negative comment on their pages. I believe that it takes courage to put one’s thoughts out in public for all to see.

214 & 26/365 XO Lisa

8 comments on “Rant Ahead – Reader Beware

  1. What and how you write is amazing. It lets other people know that they are not alone in this walk. There is others out for support. And helps with their process. We were never ment to loners. We were ment to a social Society and help each other. Not tear them down. ❤

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  2. I’m sorry I missed this. What a knucklehead.

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  3. Ridiculous and gross. I will never understand anyone who uses wordpress for something other than writing, healing and connecting with others.

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  4. Abhorrent prick. IdK what some people are thinking that causes them to believe
    1. Their unsolicited option is called for, needed or wanted.
    2. It’s ok to invade others personal pages to interject it and
    3. That they are so full of themselves that feel the need to “enlighten” the rest of us.
    What miserable human beings they must be…worthy of pity.
    Cheers to you though. You are doing marvelous and sharing a journey that all of us must face sooner or later and bravely sharing it with us will one day be a lifeline that will help us through it too.

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