I wish that I could put into words what it’s like to see all that I am looking at right now through my eye that is healing.

Colors are so vibrant,

birds are gorgeous,

the grass is the most beautiful shade of green,

tree leaves have definition,

and I didn’t even know what I was missing watching the HD television.

This eye is precious and when the twitch starts from overuse on this fourth day out from cataract surgery, the eye patch goes on and dimness descends once again.

I feel like I am descending from a black cloud and I have been granted a new life.

I will cherish this second chance but never forget the journey through darkness.

Larry’s Yahrzeit candle will be lit at sunset in three days. The two-year anniversary of his death on the Jewish calendar is June 3rd. It’s fitting this year that the candle lighting falls on sunset of my Daddy’s birthday, as I am literally coming out of my own period of darkness on so many levels. Therefore, June 2nd will be a day to not only remember my first hero, but also my Love Larry.

As I go through the day of the Yahrzeit I will remember the parallels between my darkness of sight and mourning.

I will remind myself that just as cataracts can be removed allowing light to flood my eyes, mending is taking place so joy can fill my soul.

I will be grateful for both these men who loved me deeply.

For without seeing life through a lens of joy and gratitude, all the clear vision in the world would be worthless and I would still be walking through darkness…

XO Lisa ❤️

4 comments on “Gratitude 181

  1. Omgoodness Lusa. What a beautiful, touching post this is. I felt every word 💕

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  2. When our lives are enriched with joy and gratitude, we experience the truest blessings of life. God’s peace Lisa, may the candle continue to light your way.

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