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Giving Thanks

I commented on a friend’s blog post today, not a grand idea if I want to stay sane… but the comment morphed into this post:

“We can still practice (selective) gratitude in the new world gone mad…”

“We awaken by asking the right questions. We awaken when we see knowledge being spread that goes against our own personal experiences. We awaken when we see popular opinion being wrong but accepted as being right, and what is right being pushed as being wrong. We awaken by seeking answers in corners that are not popular. And we awaken by turning on the light inside when everything outside feels dark.”

― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

2020 is certainly a new world. I suspect that 2021 will bring new changes that may or may not be a bitter pill for many. The world we are living in, pandemic included, but much more, is certainly not the same world as is was in 2019 or all the years of my life prior.

However, the world has been steadily changing since I was a child. So steadily, that unless we sit down and contemplate it on a timeline, it is hard to fathom.

As far as the holidays, the best way to break an entire population into obedience is to deploy isolation tactics and spread fear.

This is happening right now in the world we live in.

Thanksgiving will not be the same this year, neither will Christmas.

But sometimes we have to be stirred from our beds of contentment in order to be awakened.

Stay awake, stay alert.

Don’t be a follower.

Most importantly,

stay true

to your belief system

your light

to yourself

and give thanks, always.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

2 comments on “Gratitude Day 139

  1. Your chosen image says so much. We share of a piece of each other because we are God’s children.

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