Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 10/7

Well hello little badass calendar!

No copyright infringement intended

I am pretty impressed with where I am and my current situation…

Compared to one year ago, I have grown by leaps and bounds.

(Not bragging, just stating the truth).

I am not impressed by:

How long I let uninvited guests reside in my head for free

I need to work on that one.

How I just scroll by things on social that I find offensive

I either need to get off social, pare down my friends list, or start commenting with my two-cents worth.

However, commenting makes my blood pressure rise – much like watching the news. So I think my best option is #1 for the time being.

At least until after the election.

People can be so nasty and rarely change their opinions regardless of what someone else says.

I just cannot stand the nastiness anymore. Today a friend replied to her post that she could only hope (fingers crossed emoji) that the President relapsed from COVID. I responded “Hope (fingers crossed emoji)?”

I went on to post on my page, “Whomever hopes ANYONE will get COVID or relapse, please unfriend me. Not my people.”

Message delivered, apparently, because the offensive post was deleted.

It’s just not nice to wish ill on anyone. Anyone.

Perhaps I’m too nice. (Don’t tell anybody – might ruin my reputation).

I don’t need high blood pressure or a stroke.

I don’t want nasty people in my orbit.

I want to live in peace.

I want to live my life in harmony.

I don’t want to see the fighting and divisiveness.

I will make my choice to change things up.


XO Lisa

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