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Musings Allow me to Introduce You to

Allow me to introduce you to my dad’s mom, my grandmother Anna Marie Kraft Long Lambert Francis.

She was quite the character! I have never met a stronger woman in my life. She was strong-willed and made of steel!

She lived life her way (or the highway).

My grandmother divorced two men before she was 40. One for abuse and one for abandonment. Raised five children on her own. That was simply unheard of in the 1930s, 40s & 50s! She married for the third time (and found the love of her life) at the age of 40.

Grandma & My Dad

Not only was she strong, but also had a heart of gold. Nobody dared say anything bad about her family and especially her grandchildren.

She knew every variation of solitaire, and loved to play euchre.

I still remember her mashed potatoes… wish I had her recipe. I loved staying overnight at her house, no subject was taboo, we always talked long into the night.

30 years ago on 10 July 1980 she took her last breath on earth.

I still miss her like crazy and can’t wait to see her again…

XO Lisa

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  1. so pretty, smart and strong.. a woman before her time.

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