Today’s wisdom from my little desktop calendar…

Who do I surround myself with?

Do they reflect how much I love myself?

I must say that in the last 12 months I have come to know

– who I can call when I am crying

– who I can count on to sit on the bench with me,

– who loves me unconditionally

– who will tell me the brutal truth – call me out on it even,

– who I consider to be in the “Once was” category: Those I hung out with regularly but stopped calling because they couldn’t deal with my pain (it’s okay, I don’t take it personally).

– and who is in my life (and on my social media feeds) purely for amusement.

The top four is a very short list, and that’s okay with me.

To answer the question Do they reflect how much I love myself?

A big, fat, Y E S to the people in my top four categories! They all know that I would do exactly the same for them…

It takes a lot to enter my inner circle…

You know who you are and I love you!

❤️ XO Lisa

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