Musings Life and Healing

“Life happens for us, not to us.”

– Tom Zuba

There are no coincidences

Everything happens for a reason

I met Lawrence for a reason –

to be my optimal self

to learn to love with my whole being

to learn to accept love freely given

to be more patient

to learn the true meaning of love

that it is a spiritual connection

more than physical

more than sex

it continues eternally

beyond death.

To learn that I am worthy

to be loved


and adored.

To learn to

accept nothing less

than I am willing

to give in return.

Life lessons indeed.


and pain

are the doors we enter

to find truth.

To create the miracle.

To shift our perception.

Our path to peace.

And love.

– Tom Zuba “Becoming Radiant – A New Way to Do Life following the “death” of a beloved – Book 2″

My life with Lawrence

happened FOR me.

Our lives together

happened FOR us.

The lessons I learned,

the love I experienced,

the joy we shared,

continue to TEACH me.

All will last FOREVER.

Every tear I cry

HEALS my soul.

XO Lisa

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