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Death and Dying

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all experienced death. Close by or from afar. But sitting by watching a loved one go through the process of dying is new for me.

I was not present at the time of death of my Love, my parents, or my grandparents. I have participated in codes and witnessed patients dying, but never anyone close to me. However, I am here at the bedside of my Aunt in her last hours. My mission is that she is comfortable and not alone.

She is a character. Strong willed. Resilient. Take-no-prisoners. One never has to wonder what she’s thinking because she will tell with absolutely no filter. Don’t piss her off and don’t mess with her family. Her wrath is a something to behold. The eighth wonder of the world. Many have mentioned that we are a lot alike…

A retired nurse, she spent her lifetime caring for others. Until she just couldn’t do it anymore, my Aunt collected clothing, sorted it, and gave it to charities for those less fortunate than herself. She sang, tithed, sent numerous cards, never forgot a birthday, and spent countless hours on the phone talking, gossiping, encouraging, and giving her opinion.

She loves her family with ferocity and goes out of her way to give us everything she can. She never had any biological children, but stepped in after my parents died and became the closest thing to a mom.

My cousin, Aunt’s stepdaughter, and I were talking about how she always built us up and told us how special we were. Even today when she could barely summon the strength to breathe, my Aunt managed to tell each of us that she loved us. We made a pact to believe what she told us and always build each other up.

Now as I sit here and pray for a smooth transition from the bonds of earth to the presence of G-d, I invite you to pray with me.

Thank you

XO Lisa

PS- I could use some strength as well… and a hug.

10 comments on “Death and Dying

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  2. Thank you for being there sister! After being with mom and finding daddy, I just couldn’t! Love you more! ❤️

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  3. Praying with and for you, Lisa.

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  4. Thoughts and prayers your way for sure.

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