Pixaby: Pexels

My love would not want me to:

Be sad forever

He could lighten my mood

With one well-placed sarcastic comment

Cry forever

Although I seem to have

No control over the tears

Stop smiling

He loved my smile and

Did silly things just to make me laugh

Be a hermit

He loved life too much

Always planning our next adventure

Stop loving

His love for family and friends

Was part of his being

He would want me to:

Keep moving forward

He tried so hard to go on

Despite his pain

Have faith

In G-d’s plan

For my life

So I will strive to:

Smile, Laugh, Love

Get out of my head

Get back into life

Take one day at a time

And wait for G-d’s plan

I will honor your wishes

My love

© Lisa P 4 August 2019

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