My eyes are fixed –

both of them!

In two weeks I went from darkness to light from getting out of control cataracts removed.

I am ecstatic! Even happy to keep track of the eye drop schedule and wait patiently for healing to take place…

I’m not even unhappy about the need to wear reading glasses! They beat all-the-time glasses because my distance and intermediate vision is sharp, clear, and I no longer have to deal with no line bifocals for everything.

While my happiness knows no bounds, it’s tempered by the fact that there are those whose sight problems cannot be fixed by surgery. I have friends and patients who are legally blind from various issues and are not as fortunate as I. I watched Larry deal with strabismus, double vision, hypertropia, and vertigo that affected him to a point that he could no longer drive.

I am grateful beyond belief for Bill, my SO, and friends Wendi & Jon, who drove me to appointments and the surgeries. They were patient, kind, and even listened to me whine a little. I’m also thankful for everyone who volunteered to do things that I gratefully was able to decline.

I’m thankful for my great Ophthalmologist Dr. Cameron, his staff, and surgical team at the Cole Eye Institute here in Cleveland.

I am also so blessed to have all of you in my life who texted, called, and left messages checking up on me to see how things went after both procedures.

I love you all!

XO Lisa ❤️

13 comments on “Gratitude 191

  1. Oh I’m thrilled for you Lisa and glad bill has a name now;… I think I was voting for SO too.. xo 💖

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  2. Looking great my friend! I’ve heard great things from people who’ve had this kind of surgery.

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  3. Gene Lee

    Very happy for you. Life is good!

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