Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 1/9 and 10/2021

Well hello little badass calendar

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Stellar advice, but I really don’t understand the “no matter who you really are” part.

I guess that’s because I am incapable of being anything less than who I really am.

Every messy, good, inconsiderate, considerate, depraved, depressed, happy, sad, overthinking, thinks more of others than herself, enabling, opinionated, kooky, weird, kinky, sweet, sour, all out there trying to be unapologetically real part of me.

So perhaps I just answered my own question.

But I will no longer shy away from expressing myself or my opinions.

I will no longer worry about what anyone says either to my face or behind my back.

I will no longer convince myself that I am any less of a person when someone expresses displeasure at something I say.

I will no longer be anything other than what and who I am.

If it rankles someone’s cockles… so be it.

I am too old to give one rat’s ass.

I have wasted too much time until now on agonizing about what others think.

About me,

my body, my opinions, my hair, my house, my political viewpoints.

You name it,

I have

agonized over it

obsessed over it

lost sleep over it

changed my life for everyone else

over their opinions of me.

I recognize now that by allowing others to do this to me, I was allowing just another form of ABUSE in my life.

And worse than that, I did it to myself.

I allowed it.

By going back for more and tolerating it, I welcomed it.

I didn’t feel that I was strong enough to do life on my own.











with the all-out CRAP

from select family,

former friends,


or anyone.

I love myself too much to tolerate hatred.


Lisa’s Manifesto

I know the difference between NEED and WANT.

Treat me as I deserve to be treated, or stay out of my life –


Yes, I’ll still love you, but I will not tolerate any crap.

The Choice is yours.


XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

3 comments on “Badassery 1/9 and 10/2021

  1. Ultimately, each of us has to look out for #1.

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