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Badassery 12/3 Rona Edition

Well hello little badass calendar!

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Have you gone to a restaurant lately in this pandemic?

At least here in Ohio USA (where we have a governor who is the subject of many unflattering memes), restaurant patrons are seated at every other table, never packed with people as before, and have a skeleton staff. Bars close at 10pm and the pandemic police are out handing out warnings to establishments who do not close promptly – third warning means closure.

Many restaurants and small businesses have shuttered their windows and gone under from the first shut-down and now another is being threatened from a virus that clearly isn’t going to go away…

… like the seasonal flu, pneumonia, or any number of other illnesses that can cause high mortality when contracted by individuals with another comorbidity.

I know that last statement will not be popular, but it is the honest truth.

In my humble opinion, governments around the world are overreacting to see how far they can control the people with mandatory vaccinations (that make money for pharmaceutical companies and investors), masks, and stay-at-home orders, etc. All with the end-game goal of ushering in the new world order.

Yes, that was a huge rabbit hole that I just dug myself out of. In my defense, I saw a squirrel and had to chase it.

However, the moral of the story is that many people are struggling and governments do not care.

Please tip huge and heavy whenever you can –

I do if I go out.

Support small businesses if possible.

I wish I could do more, but every little bit helps.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

3 comments on “Badassery 12/3 Rona Edition

  1. I feel for small businesses, restaurants, and other enterprises. Sadly, my restaurant visits have been limited to drive-through only. I am especially distraught by the ever-increasing hospitalizations nearly everywhere. Our medical professionals need our prayers, empathy, and support.

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    • My restaurant visits have been mostly carryout, but last weekend I did observe some “safe” socially-distanced dining in. It wasn’t bad, just a little creepy. It’s strange how attitudes change rapidly.


    • I agree, medical professionals need a lot of prayers right now. Especially those who are truly front-line (unlike myself) who are patient-facing. It’s a scary time.


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