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Badassery October 3-4

Well hello little badass calendar

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I am sure when this was printed who knows how long ago the writer could not have foreseen people with great wealth:

Using their power to push vaccines that alter DNA with unknown long-term side effects.

Destroying economies and livelihoods with gestapo-like tactics in the name of infection control, although pandemics have been around since the dawn of civilization.

Demanding for defunding the police, but calling them to help when they are in trouble.

Shouting for gun control, whilst surrounded by bodyguards with weapons.


Paying ‘peaceful protesters’ to burn towns and cities under the guise of social justice.

Pushing the New World Order has been around for decades.

However, a manufactured virus to take out the older generation (who hasn’t been brainwashed to ignore the truth) has not.

It’s all about gaining power, in my humble opinion.

I rarely post my true opinions about the state of the world on this blog, but I am determined to be real.

… as people have been saying my entire life, “Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?”

I know there are some people with great wealth who use their resources for good.

Their stories don’t make the news

but they should.

They are not the influencers.

They don’t seek publicity

and they should receive more.

May G-d help us all.

XO Lisa 💔

3 comments on “Badassery October 3-4

  1. Sometimes all of us need to vent. Social media has turned so much upside down on both sides of Main Street. And I don’t even have another account outside of WordPress.

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