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Roads Traveled

“Every journey taken always includes the path not taken, the detour through hell, the crossroads of indecision and the long way home.”

Shannon L. Alder

The roads traveled in my life

have wound through events

laced with happiness.

Then torturous curves

woven with challenges, grief,

and periods of indecision.

Sometimes traveling at the

speed of light,

often excruciatingly slow.

My travels have meandered through








great happiness



and triumph.

The grand thing about traveling

is that one is continually

moving forward

with rest stops along the way

to regroup and recover.

As soon as one feels like giving up

a new experience appears

around the next bend.

Regardless of where I’ve been,

my roads always lead to

where I am supposed to be.

Therefore, I resolve to

remember past lessons,

never forget my Love,

follow the light,

and look to the future

with great anticipation.

164 XO Lisa

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  1. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


  2. Nice, and the words ring true.

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  3. Beautiful

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