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Badassery 12/24

Well hello little badass calendar.

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We all have gifts. It is up to us to identify them and put them to use.

I remember taking a Spiritual Gifts test long ago. The results were interesting to me at that time.

I looked up a free test from Denison Forum today and my results were:

According to the test, my primary spiritual gifts are: Discernment, Faith, and Exhortation.

Tyndale, in it’s website Unfolding Faith CHRISTIAN LIVING, FAITH & DISCIPLESHIP talks about Spiritual Gifts in a blog Your Spiritual Gifts – How to Identify and Effectively Use Them:

DISCERNMENT: The wisdom to recognize truth from untruth by correctly evaluating whether a behavior or teaching is from God or another, ungodly source.

FAITH: People with this gift have such great confidence in the power and promises of God that they can stand strong in their belief, no matter what may try to shake them. They can also stand up for the church and for their faith in such a way as  to defend and move it forward.

EXHORTATION: Competence in offering encouragement, comfort, and support to help someone be all that God wants them to be.”

I do not believe myself to be overly wise, and I certainly hope that I can grow into these gifts.

If you decide to embark on the journey of discovering, have questions about your spiritual gifts, or would like to know what they mean, the test on the Denison Forum (linked above) is straightforward. The definitions on the Tyndale blog (linked above) are succinct without being preachy.

Happy Christmas Eve!

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

2 comments on “Badassery 12/24

  1. Thanks for sharing. Even as I approach 65, I appreciate how God continues to work within me. I am clay in the master’s hands.

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