Life at the Bird Feeder and Beyond to Year Three

The goslings are growing.

Roxie the dog thinks it is her duty to chase squirrels up the tree!

Two different species of woodpeckers, red-breasted and red-headed, push out the seeds until they get to the peanuts then fly off to eat their treasure. Rinse and repeat daily.

The deer are finding the birdfeeder to be easy food – both does and a small buck just getting his antlers.

But most exciting is the appearance of Chippy the chipmunk’s cousin (RIP Chippy). The new chipmunk at the feeder is no bigger than a small sparrow right now, so I will be sure to throw seeds on the ground to help him or her grow.

In other news:

Larry’s Yahrzeit wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be because I received a surprise face-time from Cousins Barry and Janis.

Barry and Larry grew up like brothers without living in the same household so there wasn’t the usual sibling angst, according to stories told by both of them.

Both cherished the other and they were very close. Those bonds continue even after Larry’s death.

Near the conclusion of our face-time call Tuesday evening, we lit our respective candles together. It was touching, wonderful, and there were tears all around.

I could never, ever, repay Barry and Janis for the love and support they have shown me since Larry left this earth, except to say thank you again. I love you both.

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Gratitude 184

  1. Lisa, your yard is becoming quite popular. Continued blessings and thankful you have wonderful and caring friends like Barry and Janis.

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