Today I am grateful for:

Increasing awareness by leaps and bounds…

More paradigm shifts

Last night I was thinking about the age-old question, “Who am I, really?”

Who hears the thoughts in my head?

You know the ones-

the dark thoughts

the endless reel that says “You aren’t good enough…”

“You must improve this or that…”

or “You must stop this or that…”

Who hears those thoughts?

My spirit? The soul that is inhabiting this body?

Perhaps the body that is not perfect creates the thoughts, but the perfect soul that is love and light chooses to listen?

What if my thoughts create suffering?

What if Jung was right when he said “What you resist persists” and my resistance to change gives those thoughts power?

What if I stopped giving my conscious thoughts power?

What if I stopped listening to the thoughts, let them go, accepted this body and it’s imperfections for everything it is, and concentrated on the perfect light of the soul?

What if I looked at the world and myself without the mental commentary from thoughts and instead practiced unconditional acceptance?

I see another paradigm shift coming…

XO Lisa

2 comments on “Musings Gratitude Day 87

  1. Asking questions and looking for answers is a growing time. I am grateful with a curiosity which still searches for answers. Perhaps this is one of the motives behind my writing. God’s peace Lisa!

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