new life

Growth or Safety

What a question


in sadness, pain,

stifling my joy

to deny happiness



while incorporating

my inner sadness and pain

to turn it into joy

and embrace happiness.

Mind blown.

In acknowledging my

secret, wicked, need

for pain I decided

to manifest it thusly:

By expanding my wrist

infinity arrow tattoo


The arrow must be pulled back to fly forward to infinity.

The chain is open so I can break it.

The heart reminds me to let go of the arrow and love myself so I will soar.

Lisa Long Preisler

My permanent reminder

that I am worthy

to live

to break my chains

to love myself, the person G-d created

to be exuberant

rise above the pain

and soar!

I choose growth.

XO Lisa

4 comments on “Growth or Safety

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  3. I like these tatoos

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